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Custom Visual Display Cases

Educational Equipment Company is a proud provider of custom Stargazer Display Cases. Our cases are built to your exact specifications, out of premium materials like heavy gauge aluminum extrusions and tempered glass to ensure a long-lasting product. The superior quality of our display cases makes them the perfect solutions for schools and other facilities throughout the United States and internationally.

Stargazer Bulletin Cases

Stargazer Bulletin Cases made by Educational Equipment combine long-lasting quality with intelligent, attractive design, resulting in a wide range of options to suit almost any need. Our cases are built with a solid and sturdy plywood box and tough aluminum alloy that lasts for years and needs no assembly on-site. As with all our constructed pieces, Stargazer Bulletin Cases can be designed and built with customization in mind. Call or email our Customer Design Services and we can co-author a piece with you that will fit your space as well as your needs, all while providing years of useful, efficient functionality.

Stargazer Directory Cases

Directories and message boards are still a standard of classes, hallways, and entries. Stargazer Directory Cases are a sleek, durable format for displaying temporary information in a permanent manner. Our cases combine craftsman quality construction with attractive, intricate designs to offer many options. They’re built with solid plywood cores and anodized aluminum and our cases do not require any on-site assembly. Moreover, our Custom Design Engineers can design your case with specific measurements and details as needed to suit your requests. They can be built to fit any space or spec providing years of functionality and use. Let us know your needs and wishes and we will find the optimal solution together.

Stargazer Free Standing Display Cases

Stargazer Free Standing Display Cases are solid and stylish additions to any area of assemblage. Our cases combine high quality craftsmanship with unique and attractive designs. We offer a wide range of options to suit whatever your personal needs or requirements might be. They are built with solid plywood and durable alloys that are sturdy and sleek and don’t require any assembly on-site. Moreover, our Standing Display Units are designed with your personal needs and customization that you may require. They can be built to perfectly conform to any space and still provide year after year of smooth functionality and usage. Educational Equipment can customize your particular display case to fit almost any need or specification. Please browse our various standardized options or feel free to contact our Customer Service and Design Team so we may assist you.

Stargazer Outdoor Poster Cases

Cases are not just for the interior world alone. Information is shared and displayed outside as well, and it must be protected from weather and other damage, while remaining visually appealing. Stargazer Outdoor Poster Cases by Educational Equipment are unsurpassed in exterior visual display units. Stargazer combines tough, long-lasting quality with unique and attractive design, and can therefore offer a wide range of high quality options. Our cases are constructed of sturdy alloy frames and fixtures and solid plywood cores and our cases do not require any on-site assembly. Moreover, Stargazer cases are designed with customization in mind. We will combine your ideas, spaces and specs into the ideal unit to provide you with years of use and functionality. Let our Customization Designers know your requirements and we’ll work to provide you with the unit that fits your needs.

Stargazer Recessed Display Cases

A Recessed Display Case is a sleek addition to any area of congregation. And with Stargazer display cases combine unsurpassed quality with beautiful, classic designs, in a wide range of options. The fixtures are composed of strong, reliable alloys and built with a solid, sturdy reinforced plywood frame and requires no on-site assembly. Additionally, Stargazer pieces are designed with customization and your specific needs in mind. They can be built to fit any spec or space perfectly while providing years of use and smooth functionality. Feel free to contact our Customer Service and Design Team and let us co-author the optimal display unit to fit your needs.

Stargazer Wall Mounted Display Cases

Wall Mounted Display Cases by Stargazer and Educational Equipment combine high quality craftsmanship with beautiful intricate designs, for a wide range of options. They are built with a solid plywood box that is sturdy and requires no assembly on site. Furthermore, the trim and fixtures are crafted of durable alloys and are built to last. With Stargazer Cases by Educational Equipment, you’ll find our display units are designed with customization in mind. They can be drawn up and constructed to fit into any space or spec perfectly. And they will provide years and years of use with flawless functionality. You can be confident that our cases are designed and constructed with precision and care and will be appealing in whatever space you place them. Contact the Custom Design Team to order the ideal unit for you.

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