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K-Pro Tack & Cork Boards

Tack board surfaces of natural or synthetic cork, vinyl, or fabric from K-Pro and Educational Equipment are made with high quality materials and close attention to detail. With multiple surface options to choose from, your visual display board can be tailored specifically to you and your needs. Our boards are built to last, designed with precision and constructed with experienced craftsmanship. This results in boards that are durable and aesthetically pleasing in whatever space you require.

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Custom Tack Boards
by Educational Equipment Company

Custom Cork Board Options

If you have specific needs or wishes, please contact our custom design team. They are ready to assist you in co-authoring the size, shape, and design that best fits you. Educational Equipment will customize your tack board to fit virtually any purpose or layout.

k pro display boards

Educational Equipment offers endless design capabilities for our custom tack boards. From a custom logo or picture to sophisticated patterns, we can give you full personalization control to fit your needs.

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