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Styles tend to come and go as the years go by. What was once considered old can be reborn as the latest trend. Glass was the choice of the ’40s and ’50s, but for safety concerns in the classroom, was replaced by steel. With improvements in manufacturing and the advent of Dry Erase, glass display boards have seen a resurgence in popularity and quality. It can offer colors and design options not available with other materials. This resurgence has resulted in glass being the board of choice in all kinds of applications for offices, conference rooms, lecture halls, and lobby displays.

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Custom Glass Boards
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Custom Glass Board Options

The clear nature of glass allows for interesting variations in application and design. It can be made to appear almost any color or printed with custom graphics, logos, photographs, artwork, and more during the lamination process. If you’re interested in custom glass panel display boards, get in touch with our service team to tell us about your project!

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