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Custom Visual Display Boards

Educational Equipment Company is a proud provider of custom K-Pro display boards. Our boards are built, to your exact specifications, out of premium materials to ensure a long-lasting product. These high-grade materials include magnetized steel, wear-resistant porcelain ceramic, and synthetic cork that are all designed with the school environment in mind. Thanks to the superior quality of our display boards, our reputation has landed them in schools and other facilities throughout the United States and even internationally.

K-Pro Chalkboards

For many, many years, chalkboards have been the standard in visual display boards. But today’s chalkboards are far from the simple, flat slate pieces they once were. Chalkboards from Educational Equipment are made from high-quality black porcelain enamel steel. Backed with rigid, durable material, and framed in anodized aluminum. They are magnetic, scratch and stain-resistant, and erase and clean easily. Our chalkboards are available in a variety of dark colors and their magnetism allows for additional uses and accessories. We are so certain our boards will stand up to the test of time that we back them with a 50 Year Warranty.

Buy with confidence knowing that all of our products are built with solid, quality materials and precise attention to detail. Get in touch with our Customer Service specialists and they will assist in creating aesthetically pleasing display boards for whatever spaces you need.

K-Pro Combination Boards

Combination Boards from Educational Equipment are the ‘Swiss army knives’ of visual display boards. These customizable boards allow you to combine multiple panel types, including different marker, tack, chalk, vinyl, cork, and more, into a single display unit. While standard sizes are available, one advantage of choosing K-Pro Combination Boards by Educational Equipment is that we specialize in creating custom solutions catered to your specific needs. We work closely with you so that together we can design the perfect product or set of products you need to create the ultimate visual display environment for your space.

Find out how Combination Boards allow you to arrange your panels into virtually limitless configurations. Contact our Custom Design professionals directly and we’ll work together to create the ideal solution for you.

K-Pro Message / Directory Boards

Whether in the classroom, hallway, office, or entryway, directory boards still serve a valuable and necessary purpose. The perfect way to post purposeful information, K-Pro directory boards by Educational Equipment focus on ease-of-use and durability so that you can simply get your messages out there for the foreseeable future.

We offer a wide variety of colors, sizes, and even fonts to create a professional and functional message center that flawlessly complements its space. Standard sizes are available, but our Custom Design Team is always available willing to assist in creating the ideal solution for your specific needs.

K-Pro Glass Marker Boards

Styles tend to come back around and what was once old becomes new again. Glass was the material of choice for much of the 40s and 50s, but was replaced by steel due to concern for safety in classrooms. With the development of dry-erase markers, glass has had a resurgence in popularity and quality. It can offer design and color options that are not available or possible with other materials. As a result of its versatility, Glass Display Boards have become very popular for limited-use areas like offices, conference rooms, lecture halls, and lobby displays.

In addition to its ability to be made in just about any conceivable configuration, it can be manufactured in virtually any color or printed with graphics, logos, photographs, artwork, and more during the lamination process. If you’re interested in custom Glass Panel Displays, do not hesitate to contact our Customer Service representatives to get started with the planning of your project.

K-Pro Horizontal Sliding Boards

The Horizontal Sliding Boards have an excellent reputation for their industry-leading design, performance and durability. They’re the perfect form to express your ideas. We specialize in custom sizes and configurations and are ready to assist in meeting your needs and specifications. When combined with the option of multiple panels, your visual display space can optimize your space and efficiency.

While certain standard sizes are available, one advantage of using K-Pro is that we specialize in custom order boards. Let us know what you need and we’ll work with you to create a product that fits your needs. If you have specific requirements, even giant ceiling-height units, please contact our Customer Service directly. We also have many standardized options (size, trim, color, etc) from which you can choose, in order for us to create your optimal display unit.

K-Pro Dry Erase Marker Boards

Dry Erase Boards began simply as a dust-free alternative in visual display units. They have since grown to become the standard display board throughout the world. Because of the numerous forms of media that take advantage of the bright colors, ultra-smooth surface and magnetic properties that only come from porcelain enamel steel. The writing characteristics of our porcelain enamel steel from Educational Equipment are far superior to other display boards, while remaining the best and most durable choice in writing surfaces. This durability allows us to offer a Lifetime Warranty, excepting for damage from misuse and abuse. Educational Equipment will customize your particular marker board to fit almost any need or specification. Please browse our various standardized options or feel free to contact our Customer Service and Design Team so we may assist you.

K-Pro Mobile Boards

Don’t limit yourself to one wall or a single point of view. If your visual display needs are small then they can also be mobile. K-Pro Boards by Educational Equipment are perfect for your mobile display board needs. They are designed and constructed with precise detail from the highest quality materials. The Porcelain Enamel Steel is scratch and stain resistant and available in multiple sizes and color choices. The surface is also magnetic to allow for expanded use and the option of different additional accessories. The mechanics, from wheels to frame are durable, ergonomic and reliable. And most important of all, they come with a 50 Year Warranty, because we can guarantee your board will stand the test of time. Call or write our Custom Design / Customer Service Specialists. With K-Pro Mobile Boards, you can be confident that our units are built to last, designed with care and will be visually appealing in any space they’re needed, even if only temporary.

K-Pro Portable Slider Boards

Moveable, transportable, Portable Boards by K-Pro are the perfect alternative to Mobile Boards or Sliding Boards. These additional surfaces can not only slide back and forth across the face of your mounted display, they can fully detace to be relocated to a different board, wall or even room. Although they are light and carriable, they’re made with the highest quality materials and precise attention to detail. The Porcelain Enamel Steel face is scratch and stain resistant and available in a variety of color choices and size. In addition, the magnetic surface will allow for expanded use and options. And our boards are backed by a 50 Year Warranty because we can guarantee your board will last as long as you need them. You can be confident that your boards are designed and constructed with precision and care and will be appealing in whatever spaces you may place them. Please contact our Customizing Design Team to order the ideal unit for you.

K-Pro Tack / Cork Boards

Tack Board surfaces of natural cork or synthetic cork, vinyl, or fabric from K-Pro Boards and Educational Equipment are made with high quality materials and close attention to detail. With multiple surface options to choose from, your visual display board can be tailored specifically to you and your needs. Our boards are built to last, designed with precision and constructed with experienced craftsmanship. This results in boards that are durable and aesthetically pleasing in whatever space you require. If you have specific needs or wishes, please contact our Custom Design – Customer Service specialists. They are ready to assist you in co-authoring the sizes, shape, and design that best fits you.

K-Pro Vertical Sliding Boards

Vertical Sliders from K-Pro are known wide for their industry-leading design, performance and durability. They’re engineered with exceptional precision and counter-balanced for smooth operation. The Porcelain Enamel Steel face is scratch and stain resistant and available in a variety of color choices and sizes. In addition, the magnetic surface will allow for expanded use and options. Educational Equipment has constructed customized sliding units and configurations of many shapes and extraordinary sizes. We specialize in tailor-made pieces and our Customer Service Design team is ready to produce a unit to your specific needs. Although certain standards are offered, we offer the rare ability to adapt our products to your requirements.

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