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Blade Trays

The days of collecting chalk dust may be over but the chalk tray still offers the same efficient storage & ease of access that it always has. The Blade Tray design is a sleek new take, on those early chalk trays. The single plane extrusion forms a sturdy base, has rounded ends and runs the length of the board, offering a convenient place for your accessories. It’s a sleek and seamless addition that seems to hover in front of your display unit.

Box Trays

Our Box Tray design is a stylized reimagined nod to the early days when chalk dust piled up. This sturdy base runs the entire length of the board, offering a consistently convenient spot to lay or grab any accessories you may need. It’s a classic and seamless addition to your visual display frame!

Mag Trays

Magnetic Trays are a very useful addition or accessory to our porcelain steel boards. The strong magnetic strip runs the entire length and firmly adheres the tray anywhere you want it. These trays can hold items several inches wide and several pounds in weight. Moreover, the thick durable aluminum can withstand wear and tear while keeping its sleek and stylish look. Perfect for a retro-fit addition.

Snap On Trays

The Snap-On Tray system from Educational Equipment is the perfect way to add a more sleek and polished look to your display unit. Furthermore, the Snap-On system will broaden the usefulness, extend the life, and enhance the overall safety of your visual display units. These trays add a solid, sturdy solution to any of our already useful products.