Mounting Hardware //

EZ Hang Clips

This adaptable, sturdy and most of all, easy display board installation system may be the best of options for your display unit. It’s the perfect choice for older or uneven walls, and makes your board as easy to remove as it is to hang. Moreover, because of the non-continuous nature of this system (spaced approximately ever 16”,) it can efficiently adapt to any length or shape that you may require.

L Clips

The L-Clip Hanging System is “The Standard” in heavy-duty fastening. With tough and secure hardware, the clips attach to both the board and wall through pre-drilled holes. The elongated, adjustable slide holes allow for maneuverable installation and the 2-point mechanical fastening ensures that your display unit is held tight to the wall. You can choose from several sizes to suit your specific needs.

Snap On Fasteners

The Snap-On Trim and Tray Mounting Hardware is the best way to add the sleek new look of a sharp satin anodized frame to your wall unit. In addition they will extend the life, broaden the uses and increase the safety of all your display boards. They’re the simplest way to attach new life to your visual display units.

Z Bar Fastening Framework

The firm and formidable Z-BAR installation system, through Educational Equipment, is made with precise craftsmanship and quality material. The edge-to-edge and top-to-bottom system provides an extremely secure display board, and only requires a simple and straightforward installation process. Available in any custom length you may need, from 4’ – 24′. We recommended a -minimum of three full-length rows of Z-Bar fastener extrusions.