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Cork Inserts

Our Cork Inserts for your Display Rails, from Educational Equipment, are a great way to bring new life to your rails and liven up a drab space. Reinvigorate or fully redesign your display rails with cork inserts that have all the same fine qualities as the rest of our cork supplies. Choose either of the standard heights to fit our 1” or 2” rails and choose any length you may need. The durability of our resin/cork mix is renowned for its ability to hold securely & heal instantly. Refresh or restore your rail prudently

natural tack board cork insert
Nutmeg Spice - Tan
Potato Skin - Gray
custom color tack board cork insert
Custom Colors

Custom Color Selection

Display Rails

The perfect accessory for any dry erase marker board or chalkboard is a Display Rail. It is simply the best presentation component for showcasing any of the Visual Aids that compliment your topics or lessons. Choose either the 1” or 2” heights, and one of eight standard lengths (custom measurements also available). The frames are durable anodized aluminum with matching end caps. They’re offered in two classic colors, with additional options available. Don’t just hang your items, display them!

Custom Color Selection

Flag Holders

Our “All-American” Flag Holders, from Educational Equipment, are very strong because they are made with high quality materials and craftsmanship. They are calibrated to the proper angle and created to be positioned ideally within the room, for all to see. And they’re built to adhere and endure. The classy matte finish to the solid aluminum body adds a nice and stylish look to your display rails. These classroom standards are designed, crafted and made In the USA!

Hook Clips

Hook & Clip Combo attachments are the most indispensable display rail accessory you can buy. They’re perfect for displaying any relevant information or visual aids you might need. The solid aluminum hook can support items firm and indefinitely, and the inclusion of a friction-fit clip in front, allows for paper and other 2D items to be hung securely as well. These lightweight pieces are a perfect supplement to our display units. Available for both 1″ and 2″ rails.

Map Winders

The heavy duty Map Winders available from Educational Equipment are of the highest quality available. Both precision and durability are necessities for the bulky stature and weight of full-sized classroom maps and displays. By employing the smooth action, threaded screw fastener, you can be sure they will support the entire weight of the map along with all the additional forces applied during normal operation. Accept nothing less than the best.

The WiseRail System

The Wise Rail display rail is the latest alternative to the traditional tack strips and cork boards. It requires NO adhesives (chemical or mechanical) to hold papers tightly, therefore does NO damage to the papers it securely presents. Hang and remove your items as often as you like, without worrying about harming or blemishing them. They are available in standard sizes, and customization is also available. Wise Rails are a very efficient and attractive alternative to the common and conventional.