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Educational Equipment Company
School Display Boards & Cases | Kent, Ohio

Educational Equipment Company has been a premium provider of display items since 1934. Began as a small company in Northeast Ohio, we now proudly serve customers across the entire country, as well as internationally. After nearly a century, our experience provides a solid foundation as we co-author designs and visual display solutions with our many customers, work through multi-layered projects, and provide our expertise to everyday inquiries.

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Educational Equipment Co, Kent, Oh

Over 75 Years Of Service...

In 1934 – the same year Flash Gordon debuted, Alcatraz opened, and the DustBowl swept across the midwest – a small company in Kent, Ohio was founded. It was given a modest designation in its inceptions, but over the next several decades Educational Equipment Co has become the premier source of visual display solutions for the scholastic and business industries. For nearly a century, Educational Equipment has redefined itself and the visual display industry. The high level of quality, trust, experience, and adaptability that it has attained is of a caliber that can only be acquired over decades of resolution and merit. Throughout the decades of change in the world and in the trade during the 20th century, Educational Equipment has remained a constant, valued business with a reputation that cannot be matched.


With Educational Equipment Company, you're guaranteed to get long-lasting, superior quality custom solutions to fit your exact needs.


Our decades in business have given us the knowledge and experience to provide the highest quality products and best possible service to our customers.


Our unwavering commitment to providing the best products and service to our customers is and always has been our top priority.

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Meet Our Team

Jerry Antonucci

Project Manager

Jerry Antonucci has been our Project Manager for over a decade now. His ability to comprehend and anticipate the needs of an enormous job, long before ground has been broken and long after finishing touches are completed is why he is such a beneficial member of our team. He lives here in Kent and spends his weekends reading and woodworking.
Rich Colon

Warehouse & Shipping Supervisor

Rich Colon has been working here for over a dacade and through his precise attention to detail and lateral thinking, he worked his way up to our Warehouse and Shipping Supervisor. He has become the reason our shipments are so reliable. Although he's a resident of Akron now, he and his love of riding originated in Salem, OH.

Rich Garmin

Lead Design Engineer

Rich Garmin is our Lead Design Engineer and Customer Intermediary and has been an indispensable member of our team for more over 12 years. His direct interactions with almost all of our clients are a vital link and welcome presence. He has a degree from UA and currently lives in Uniontown where he spends as much time as possible with his wife and kids.
Mick Greiner

Operations & Purchasing Manager

Mick Greiner is the Operations/Purchasing Manager for all of our projects and has been with us for over 20 years. His keen eye and obsession for excellence in craft make him the ideal person to oversee all of the various jobs and ventures we develop. Even in his private time, he spends his hours woodworking and building crafts.
Mike Kaufman


Mike Kaufman is The Honcho, Kahuna, & Top Totem of E.E. Co. As Owner/Operator of the business, Mike keeps a watchful eye over all the organized chaos that a manufacturing warehouse entails. His expertise and close connection to both employees and clientele alike allow for simple, fair, and worthwhile dealings with our customers. Free time = Boat.

Nate Kaufman

IT Specialist

Nate Kaufman is the IT Specialist for Educational Equipment, which proves to be more and more valuable every day. As we moved toward a digital, streamlined process, he is the one that kept us adapted and efficient. Even in his spare time, his hobbies tent to revolve around technology and applied science.

Austin Lambert

Lamination Processor

Austin Lambert comes from the Akron area and has been one of our reliable Lamination Processors for several years now. In that short time, he has become a very useful addition to the team. When he's not learning all the finer points of our intricate procedures he enjoys watching and playing sports or riding trails on his four-wheeler.

Jerry Logan

Shop Foreman

Jerry Logan is the Shop Foreman and Supervisor, overseeing every project that goes through here. He has worked with us for almost 20 years and with a keen eye and wealth of information, he has earned his reputation as a diligent perfectionist. He lives right here in Kent, OH with his family and enjoys hunting and fishing.
Scott Matthews

Graphic Designer

Scott Matthews is our resident Graphic Designer and Website Support Specialist. Although he's from Akron, he has spent years travelling to, and living in, countries all over the world. His unique point of view is helpful in the designing of custom pieces.

Marilyn Molnar

Office Manager

Marilyn Molnar is our Office Manager, Payroll Specialist, and all-around "Trunk of the Tree" for over a quarter of a century. Her essential organizational abilities and understanding of the big picture make her a truly indispensable part of our staff. She spends her free time in Rootstown with her children and grandchildren.

Shaun Morris

Woodworking Technician

Shaun Morris is our Woodworking Technician in the shop and is responsible for the craftsmanship and stability of all the frame work needed for our clients. His free time (and warm weather)is devoted to his motorcycle and his golf game.

Zak Painter


Zak Painter is one of our talented Fabricators, assuring the quality of our pieces for nearly a decade now. He grew up in Cuyahoga Falls, learning the finer points of construction and craft. He now applies that keen attention to detail and vision to the complicated units we produce - and the home brew he concocts in his spare time.

Carl Schmidt

Director of Sales

Carl Schmidt has been one of the longest running benefits for over 20 years. He has been an invaluable member of the team as our Director of Sales and Marketing. Partially retired, Carl lives in Kent and devotes his free time to his grandchildren and teaching them the fine art of fishing.

Bicram Subba

Framer / Builder

Bicram Subba, originally from Nepal, is a framer and builder and one of the newest members of our team. He has proven to be a great addition to Educational Equipment. In his spare time, his enthusiasm is devoted to gaming and sports.