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Visual Display Solutions & Supplies

Since 1934, Educational Equipment Company has been a premier supplier of visual display products for educational and commercial facilities throughout the United States – and the world. After nearly a century, our experience provides a solid foundation as we design custom visual display products and supplies with our customers, work through multi-layered projects, and provide our expertise to everyday inquiries.
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Custom Display Boards

Built to accommodate your specific needs, our high grade K-Pro Display Boards are designed with the school environment in mind. Using magnetized steel, wear-resistant porcelain ceramic, synthetic cork, and more, Educational Equipment display boards are engineered for lasting performance and durability.

Custom Display Cases

Our Stargazer cases are built to your exact specifications, out of premium materials like heavy gauge aluminum extrusions and tempered glass to ensure a long-lasting product. Superior quality makes them the perfect solutions for schools and other facilities throughout the United States and internationally.

The EECo Difference...

For decades we’ve been building tack boards, display cases, writing boards, and a reputation for high quality crafted products that last. That reputation has been bolstered by reliable, long-lasting components and our dedication to providing a truly custom solution that is tailored to each customer’s needs. But what really sets us apart is our craftsmanship. It’s the attention to detail, from beginning to end, that makes Educational Equipment the best choice for your visual displays.


When you choose visual display products from Educational Equipment you know you’re getting quality. But you’re also getting options. Options that can expand the functionality or look of your purchase in a way that best fits your needs.


Why go anywhere else for the supplies you need? You’ll find all of the visual display supplies you need with us. Browse our selection of dry erase markers, erasers, tacks, whiteboard cleaner, and more right here at Educational Equipment.

Custom Designs

Educational Equipment offers some standard sizes and features for all of our products. But sometimes a “one size fits all” option isn’t the best option. That’s why we have custom design team ready to build the perfect solution for you.


Whether you need help with installation, taking care of your visual display case, or picking out the right colors for your display boards – browse our collection of digital resources including brochures, instructions, and more.